Some things will never change…

Since I started this (haphazardly kept) blog there’s been a fair few changes.  For instance, my hair has gone from waist length and bouncy, to chin and choppy:



I still drink Pina Coladas though.

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve gone through quite a change. But, you’ll be glad to hear, some things will never change – mainly my weakness before a beauty counter, especially if there’s a sticker shouting “NEW!” at me. What’s a girl to do? Buy two of course.

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the Kate Moss ads for the new Rimmel lip product Apocalips, which according to the website is “the End of Colour as you know it!” (hence the name) “It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s BIGGER than both!”

So do I agree? Let’s look at the evidence.  Here are the two shades I chose:


Stellar on the left and Apocaliptic on the right.  They’re bright, bold and cheeky, I had to take them home.

 The colour is sensational, what you see on the wand is exactly what you get on the lip, the shades stay solid and uniform.  Does it glide on as easily as a gloss? Indeedy it does.  After my run-in with a YSL sticky-tint-gloss combo (more to follow) my hopes were not sky high, but Rimmel have solved any issues there.  The wand is narrow with just the right amount of point, complete with a tiny well that fills with colour meaning one dip = one lip’s worth of application.  I found it precise and easy to do the tricky bits I usually miss or over-do with a lipstick/gloss.

“That’s all well and good” I hear you cry “but how long does it last?  Does it have the miraculous staying power of a meticulously applied lipstick? Or does it slide off at the first sign of food/booze?” Fear not my fellow make-up bunnies, Apocalips has the staying power of an actual apocalypse.  I well and truly put Apocaliptic through her paces yesterday. Here’s a breakdown of our day together:

2pm: Fell in love.

2:20pm: Applied.

2:22pm: Fell more in love

2:22pm-3pm: Walking past every reflective surface just so I could see my new love again.

3pm: Ate a salmon & potato salad. Minimal budging.

4pm: Had a long phone chat complete with plenty of laughing. No budging.

4:45pm: An impromptu 20 min nap (literally closed my eyes for a second). No slide onto the face, did have some on my hand.

5:15pm: Cup of tea.  Light lip mark, checked in mirror, colour still strong.

7:30pm: Tea time.  No budging, begin to panic my lips are to be stained forever.

8pm-9:30pm: Wine.  Small lip mark.

10:30pm: Make-up removal time.  Glad to see colour still intact, satin gloss has gone so it now looks like a dewy lipstick.  Vanishes easily with make-up remover, only a very light staining.

So all in all, I’m a big fan, plus at £5.99 (£4.99 at Boots – introductory price) you can’t really go wrong.  Apocaliptic may be my current favourite, she’s a little more glamorous and sophisticated, and looked fabbity with the chandeliers I had swinging from my earlobes yesterday; although Stellar will look amazing in summer (if we’re blessed with one) against a tan and some neon. Now I’ve just got to track down Galaxy, the dark and twisty member of the family.

Have you tried Rimmel’s Apocalips yet?  What did you think?


A Dash of Beautyspiration… Emmy Rossum

After seeing Les Miserable twice in 15 days (!) my flatmate and I were in a rather ‘musical’ mood, so we sat down one evening and watched Phantom of the Opera.

“Urgh” she sighed “can you believe how lucky she was? Only 17 and kissing Gerard Butler. Well, she peaked”

“She” is obviously Emmy Rossum.  And Miss Rossum is back at the forefront of the gossip columns thanks to a both new film and album to promote, which means she’s showcasing some spectacular beauty looks.

Here Emmy, this is your crown, wear it with pride.


Giving pale brunettes the hope that we too can wear acid yellow.



Love the hint of bronze/gold along the lower waterline



New hair inspiration (more later…)


(Images: tumblr; ragemonthly; celebuzz; fazzcom)

My Sincerest and Deepest Apologies


I’m sorry, I have been a bad blog-keeper of late.  In fact, my last post was well over a month ago.  I am deeply ashamed and am sat on the naughty step as I type.  

But seriously, I have a good excuse – I promise! 

The day I mercilessly and shamelessly abandoned my Beauty Advent posts was the day I found out I had an interview – in 2 days! I’m quite the organiser, so I instantly began preparing. I googled, I LinkedIn, I googled some more, I marched round my house reciting questions and answers until I was pretty sure I could take on even the most demanding of interrogations.

Then I headed South to a little known city of London.

Long story short, I got it.  This was Tuesday 18th December, 7 short days until Christmas, 15 short days until I started my new placement. In another city. Where I had nowhere to live. 

So I started looking for a comfy spot to rest my head.  Within 24 hours my, equally organised, friend and I had found a place to live.  Then the real fun started.  My Christmas holidays quickly turned from one of joyous abandon into one of panic, packing and planning.  3 days after Christmas I was in a packed car with my parents heading to South London.  7 hours later we were heading North again for my last weekend at home.

In that one day I have never felt more grown up.  I’d signed a legal contract binding me to a property (and my best friend) for 12 months. A WHOLE YEAR. All I could think was “Don’t screw up.  Damn it Lotti, do not screw up”

On New Year’s Day (poignant) I boarded a train laden with a suitcase, an overflowing handbag and a serious hangover and took my trip to independence.  The next day, I started work.

If that’s not a legitimate excuse for neglecting your blog I don’t know what is.  So I’m no longer a Bridal Shop Manager.  I no longer help Brides-To-Be find their perfect dress (apart from my cousin, but that’s a different story). I’m on a whole new road.  And I’m taking a Norwegian with me: read her version of events here.



Beauty Advent days 10, 11, 12 & 13

So far my Beauty Advent goodie bag has failed to throw out any real exciting shades, well, apart from my lovely Liv’s Lips from Givenchy, but that’s always a winner.  Here are the latest (somewhat boring) shades:

Monday 10th December:

Crimson Crystal by Maybelline

Crimson Crystal Super Stay 24 Hour by Maybelline (on a side note, ‘Super Stay’ this is not, ‘Super Dehydrating’ this is)

Tuesday 11th December:

Boy Bait by MAC

Boy Bait by MAC

Wednesday 12th December

Retro by Rimmel

Retro by Rimmel

(it is my unfortunate duty to announce my Retro has been resigned to la poubelle after Wednesday’s wear.  Just doesn’t cut it anymore, it has been surpassed by Fire And Ice from Revlon)

Thursday 13th December:

Frozen Rose by Avon

Frozen Rose by Avon

It’s been a boring few days, here’s hoping the next selection is a bold one!

Merry Christmas little squirrels! x

Beauty Advent day 6, 7, 8 & 9

It’s been a busy few days what with giggles & wine with the girls, Christmas Markets to visit and to-be married friends to dine with.  Excuses aside, here are my lip-treats from the past 4 days.


Thursday 6th December:

NARS Barbarella

Barbarella by NARS

Friday 7th December:

Benetint from Benefit

Benetint by Benefit

Saturday 8th December:

Collection 2000

Name has disappeared unfortunately, but its by Collection (2000 as was)

Sunday 9th December:

Flirt by Chanel

Flirt by Chanel

Images: all mine apart from Benetint which is from

Beauty Advent days 1-4

Last December, in an attempt to disprove the commonly held belief that I own too many lipsticks, I embarked on the first annual ‘Beauty Advent’.  On the eve of 30th November I place all my lipsticks, glosses, stains and balms into a box and each morning through December I chose a lipshade at random.  Like an advent calender, minus the chocolates and the little doors. It was such a roaring success last year, I’m doing it again (hence the term ‘annual’).

Here are the first four:

Saturday 1st December:

Spanking Rich by MAC

Spanking Rich by MAC.  Engagement party perfect.

Sunday 2nd December:

Boy by Chanel

Boy by Chanel.  My all time favourite lipstick, Father Christmas has received a bulk order.

Monday 3rd December:

Berry Smoothie by Revlon.

Berry Smoothie by Revlon.  Cares as it colours.

Tuesday 4th December:

Liv's Lips by Givenchy

Liv’s Lips by Givenchy.

My Heart Is B-B-Beating For These…

I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to shoes, I’ll always give them the benefit of the doubt, even if I must sacrifice a few toes to the cause.

My latest heart beatings of footwear love drum to the sound of Sophia Webster.   She’s a gem.  Trained at RCA and Cordwainers, nurtured by Nicholas Kirkwood and introduced at LFW this past September, her collection of sweetielicious shoes are offerings fit for the footwear Gods themselves.  Head over the Style Bubble for a full and thorough report on the collection from Miss Super Susie.

But which to buy?  I’ve narrowed it down (I use the term “narrowed down” loosely):



They’ve got flamingos on them, FLAMINGOS! How am I supposed to resist when the sneaky girl puts pink birds on her shoes?

Touché, Miss Webster. I’m saving up now.




The Best of Friends: Volume 1

Who thinks these two are destined to be bosom buddies for life?

One’s a pair of sleek, caped crusaders of the pied variety.  The other a deceptively dark lip-tinter.  If there’s one way to dip a dainty toe into the winter waters of Goth, this must be the team you take along.

(Shoes Alexander Wang from – Lipstick Givency Rouge Interdit in Liv’s Lips from Debenhams)

I’ve felt unrelenting heart flutterings for these Alexander Wang sandals for well over a year now, it was lust at first stalk.  (Although, upon arrival they were almost cast away, back to the far of shores whence they came,  Mr Right is a little snug across the toe bar.  Now, either I have chunky piggies or a little stretching is in order.  I’m currently lounging with Daddy bear’s golf socks on over tights gently easing Righty.)

And now they’re shacking up with my new Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Liv’s Lips.

But its black.  Is it?  Really?

Fooled you, for under its matt black façade lies a deep purple balm.  I love a good trick.  Liv’s Lips  alters in hue to deepen your natural lip colour adding a hint of purple sheen, worn over a dark stain is muchos wonderful too.

Unleash your inner Batman!  Put a cape (or two) on your feet and laugh with purple hued lips!

Long may I never change…

A few weeks ago I was confronted, over ice-cream, by my beauty & shoe budget in the form of four flabbergasted friends.

The truth didn’t shock me, I know how weak I am in the face of a luscious lip shade or a scandalous heel, but I was somewhat surprised I’d managed to spend so much in just over 12 months.  This has led me to begin to question why?  Could it be that like all women I relish the warm fuzzy-buzz of shopping?  Perhaps I’m powerless in the face of the finite nature of human nature and think “if not now, when?”  Maybe I simply have no respect for all things economic and am a terrible spendthrift.   Personally, I blame Robert Palmer.

You may think that’s a bit odd, blaming a deceased 70s/80s catchy tunes singer (who was heart-throbbingly handsome to boot) for my inability to enforce a limited shoe-beauty budget on myself, but I stand by my statement.

I wager that if wasn’t for Robert Palmer and his red-lipped Addicted To Love guitar toting models, I’d have never developed my distinct taste for all things bright and beauty-based.  Think you’re immune? Take a look, if you dare:




Your virtual basket is looking pretty full right now, isn’t it? (Virtual basket = not a euphemism, you saucy minx)

As I go from cover letter to application to grillings from relatives and friends, I’m continually asked “why do you like fashion so much?…what is it about beauty?” For years I shrugged, smiled and muttered something about modern, living art.  More recently though I’ve begun to delve a little further to discover the real roots of my fashion passion.

And it stems from Mr. Palmer and his musician models.  I was fascinated by them.  They were so glamorous, almost goddess like in their beauty and presence.  I’d imagine how they’d drift back to huge white homes, living rooms draped in luxurious gem-toned fabrics, their beds laden with fur throws; how they’d sit at their dressing tables, diamond and pearl jewellery cascading out of drawers, as they reached for their uniform red lipstick.

Whimsical I know.  But that was the dream, these women were living that dream.  From there my own little dream took roots and flourished.  As soon as I could I was reading Vogue & ELLE, cutting out images I loved and cooking up back stories for each of the shoots.

Slowly this initial admiration for the Palmer Girls has mutated and evolved into my current obsession for all things make-up and shoe related – in my eyes a tippity-top lipstick and some stonkingly stunning shoes really ‘make’ an outfit.  My shoe collection is taking over my room, they invade every inch of free space, staking their claim under the bed as well as on the shelves; meanwhile, my lip-colour wardrobe is well and truly dominating my dressing table drawer.  Will the two ever stop?  Or will they merely continue to swell until I myself am expelled from my own room?  My money is on the latter.

From time to time I stop and think, “am I doing any good?”  The industry I want to forge a career in is viewed as a frivolous and shallow one; I have friends who are social workers and teachers, lawyers and doctors, have studied politics and want to change the world.  Yet here I am, ogling shoes and waxing lyrical about Chanel’s latest lip-colour.  Should I have chosen a more philanthropic career?

To answer: No.  I have chosen the path that is right for me.  I’ve elected to follow a course I enjoy, for there’s nothing worse than spending your life doing something you feel you should do, you should spend it doing something you want to do.

I will always be the one who heads out on a freezing October evening theatre trip in cropped white, paisley trousers with pink and silver heeled, open-foot shoe, not the girl who considers her immune system when dressing.  I’m the one who begins planning an outfit from the lip-colour down.  The one who mentally chooses a pair of shoes at the whisper of an event.  The friend who dares you to wear Morange for a cinema trip.  The one who will respond to your “Did NOT expect that to happen on Downton!” text with “I know! Also, how cute was Mary’s headpiece – j’adore!”.

In conclusion, since the earlier mentioned conversation I’ve bought 3 new lip-shades, and one exceptionally exciting pair of shoes (more on that later).

Long may I never change.


(images: top – me;;